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Thexton Armstrong launches Corona Action Plan for SMEs

The Corona crisis is putting entrepreneurs to the test. What should you do in this unprecedented situation? The most important thing as an entrepreneur is to take the measures imposed by the government in the field of health and social distance very seriously and apply them strictly. You have this responsibility not only for yourself and your loved ones, but also for your employees, customers, suppliers and all other relations.

Thexton Armstrong’s consultants will be happy to help you quickly understand the impact of Corona business on your company and on you personally.

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Your next step

As an SME entrepreneur there is quite a lot you have to deal with right from the start. Every company goes through a similar evolution from – start, development, growth, exit or end. You usually experience these different phases in your business with ups and downs. Each phase brings different challenges. Challenges that you can’t or don’t always want to face alone. Do you ever feel the need to speak to an experienced and trusted advisor who knows what to expect and can help you take your company to that next level or optimise the current phase your business is in? Then Thexton Armstrong is the right answer for you.

We have developed an industry-independent approach that, regardless of which phase your company is in, enables you to progress your business to the next level.

Business Improvement

You want to further optimise your company; a well-functioning team, healthy cash flow or better returns.

Advisory Board

You have the foundation of your company well established, but you miss a sparring partner to anchor improvements and growth.

Business Exit

You're considering selling, but you wonder if your company is ready and if it's the right time to do so. How can you also conduct your regular business?

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Take the Profit Leakage quiz

You are the professional; the specialist – we can’t tell you anything about your trade of profession. But we can help you how you manage and lead your company. We can help you achieve more profit from your business. Keen to find out if there’s profit leaking from your business? Then take our profit leakage quiz:

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Benefit from the knowledge of experienced SME consultants who are SME entrepreneurs themselves. They know how to balance quick wins and structural growth. They help you re-discover the balance in your company.

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And not the other way around. Build a business that is not only healthier and more profitable, but that business again matches your original dream. Let’s start with that today.

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