Be honest, what would you do differently if you could?

Did you start with the belief that you could do things better than others? More personal freedom, higher earnings or a better product or service in the market. How do you think about this today? Can it improve or have you already achieved all the goals you set?

These questions are central in our Discovery meeting. As you will be talking to experienced consultants, you will quickly get an insight as to what is in the way of achieving your personal and business goals. It is an informal meeting – all we ask of you is your attention and an open mind.

During the Discovery meeting we will explore if there’s trust and a click between us. We will discover which opportunities there are and whether or not there is profit leaking from your business. We can immediately apply these insights in the next more in-depth phase: a complimentary analysis of your business in the form of our Thexton Armstrong profit-leakage® session.

Where does profit leak from your business unnoticed?

Our ongoing research shows profits leak unnoticed in nine out of ten small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This can be up to 8% of revenue. By utilising our profit leakage tool, exclusively developed by us, we will quickly discover together whether this is also the case for your organisation.

Cause and effect
The profit-leakage session provides insight into ’cause and effect’: what’s happening (or not) that is causing money to leak from your business. But you will also be able to understand why your personal motives started to conflict with business objectives. By using our benchmark model, we’ll show you profit-leakage strategies that have worked successfully in similar situations.

We believe in investing in each other, so this session is completely free of charge. Free of charge is certainly not the same as worthless. That’s why we don’t offer this to just any business owner. In our Discovery meeting, we have already been able to determine whether it makes sense to offer you this session. Are you curious whether cash is leaking out of your business unnoticed? The answer will only take you two hours of your time.

Sleeves rolled up: let's get started!

We only continue once we have a clear understanding of your situation and mutual trust is established. You will receive a straightforward proposal from us, in which we have shaped our partnership.

If liquidity and profit improvement are your top priorities, we will start our Business Improvement Plan at the same time as introducing profit leakage strategies. That way, you will experience a return on our partnership straight from the start resulting in a more cash flow.

In our Business Improvement Plan, we address your priorities step by step. We focus on transferring our knowledge and experience, so that you and your team will be able to continue to implement improvements more independently.

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