We are Thexton Armstrong® . We help SME business owners realise their starting motives, help make their company more profitable and prepare their business for an exit. We also ensure that our business consultants can quickly build their own practice as Franchise partners.


We are looking for new consultants

The process with potential customers usually starts with two sessions. Free of charge but priceless, as it turns out time and again. That is why we are growing and why we are actively seeking both Franchise partners and Associate Franchise partners. Do you currently work as a senior corporate executive or are you working as an experienced professional in the consultancy sector? Or do you have a similar background as a successful entrepreneur? Then perhaps you are the person that we’re looking for.

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What we do ↓

What we do

Thexton Armstrong® helps business owners lead their businesses better. Because we are industry-independent and work with internationally proven models, you’ll have a head start and will be able to get to the heart of the matter surprisingly quickly. This results in added value for our clients and gives our Franchise partners the opportunity to gradually start their own business.

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Why join as a Franchise partner? ↓

Why join as a Franchise partner?

Franchise partners leverage their knowledge to help SME owners. They find this very rewarding! The fact that they also control their own future, determine their own working hours and work in their own area, are just a few of the advantages our Franchise partners experience. There are many possibilities if you have the skills, knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset to advise business owners in a practical and personal way. And there is a lot to be said for joining an international organisation that works with SME industry-independent tried and tested models.

Franchise partners benefit from a unique support structure that goes beyond neatly designed training manuals.

Establish your footprint

Quickly add value

Longterm relationships


A team of colleagues

Build your own company

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Like to know more?

You make companies healthier and more profitable and offer business owners a chance to realise their own vision. As a Franchise partner, you’ll get off to a flying start with proven methodologies. This is your moment to spread your wings.

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