These are the 5 key competencies of a successful franchise partner:

1. Perseverance
Keep going, even if you sometimes experience setbacks. Don’t avoid any possible obstacles.

2. Persuasion
Always try to use good argumentation to convince others around you. Make your clients enthusiastic about your services and convince them in a positive way.

3. Networking
Building a strong network can help you attract new customers. Networking enables you to maintain your existing relationships and bind your customers to your services.

4. Decisiveness
Don’t allow yourself to be influenced too strongly by the opinions of others. Make your own decisions. And dare to make them, even if others disagree with you. You have to be able to make decisions, even in stressful situations. Don’t hesitate.

5. Responsibility
You run a business. Take responsibility for your own actions. Taking responsibility is essential as an entrepreneur.

*Source : Securex